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Cabasso Lighting Group, a leader in the field of lighting design and planning, was founded by Yitzhak Cabasso in 1973 and became a proprietary limited company in 2010.
The showroom (1000 square meters in size), located in Talpiot, Jerusalem, contains lighting fixtures of superior innovative designs made with the most advanced technology.
Here at Cabasso, we work in collaboration with some of the biggest renowned brands in the world, such as estiluz, kundalini, and others who specialize in designing innovative and high-quality lighting fixtures that will take projects to the next level.

C light is a subsidiary of Cabasso, which specializes in the production and design of technical lighting. C light puts great emphasis on functional design, quality of materials, unique lighting angles, unique lenses, strict quality control and a variety of customization options. All of the company’s products are approved by recognized laboratories from around the world, and are in line with the strictest standards. Top quality service and products stand at the top of our priorities. With that, we ensure a close partnership throughout the entire purchase process, starting from the planning phase, in accordance with the architect’s plan and the customer’s requirement.

Service. Consistency. Creativity. – These are the keys to Cabasso’s success.


In our logistics center in Modiin, among other things, we operate one of the most advanced LED laboratories in Israel, that include technological innovations and top-grade professionals. In addition, we specialize in the production of high quality linear lighting as per the project requirement, all made in Israel. from drywall-embedded profiles to concrete ceiling lighting fixtures, there is a wide selection for every purpose.

The raw materials we use are of the highest level that can be found in the market. We illuminate with built-in LEDs from C light, which offers a full five-year warranty on customized profiles. Using them, you can create different light games and shadows that redefine the space and provide it with the desired and precise atmosphere. In addition, Cabasso Lighting collaborates with companies and workshops in Israel and abroad to enable the creation of customized and handmade decorative lighting fixtures using paint, wood, ceramics, drywall, metals, etc.

For information regarding customized lighting, please arrive at the showroom with predetermined measurements or sketches. There, Cabasso’s skilled team of lighting consultants will gladly be at your service.



Cabasso Lighting Group provides a complete package of consulting and lighting planning for architects and interior designers, based on 40 years of experience in the field.

The interior designers and architects who work with us on an ongoing basis enjoy personal and professional treatment throughout the entire transaction. From the sketches and brainstorming to the installation of the lighting fixtures.

We are proud to be the go-to option for architects and interior designers who also value professionalism, quality and uncompromising service to their customers.

You are invited to schedule an introductory meeting with us today, in the main showroom at HaTnufa 7, Jerusalem. Our team of lighting consultants will be more than happy to get to know you.


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    Address: Ha’Tenufa 7, Jerusalem.
    Phone: 02-6727812 / 02-6727811